Welcome to crownimportscontest.com!! This site is a free resource which provides the official rules for text-to-win and other contests for Crown Imports LLC, a division of Constellation Brands, which imports, distributes and markets the Modelo portfolio and other fine beer brands across the entire U.S. The Modelo portfolio includes Corona Extra (the #1 imported beer in the US and #6 beer overall), Corona Light, Modelo Especial, Negra Modelo, Pacifico and Victoria (select markets) beer brands. Crown also imports the Tsingtao beer brand into the US.

You can view contests taking place in your state by clicking on the contest name under your state to be taken to that contest’s page. Once there you will be able to see the complete rules for that contest along with the start and end dates of the contest.

  • If this is a test-to-win contest, the rules will provide with the number to text to and either a "KEYWORD" or information on how to obtain a "KEYWORD".
  • If the contest requires an entry form one will be provided which will electronically submit after you enter your information and click submit.

Good Luck!!